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Martial Arts Summer Camps

Our Summer Camps are forming now! Register by May 15, 2009 to get the required camp t-shirt at a discounted price!

The Instructors are two of the most well respected in Newark - Sifu John Jurewicz and Sifu Diane Cannon, and will assure a unique and quality camp experience!

Camps are weekly and run all summer long. All you have to do is download and print the Registration Form, fill it out, and mail it in to register!

Sifu John and Camp Assistant Jordan   Sifu Diane and our youngest student of MingTao, Hayden!

The kwoon is located conveniently in the center of Newark, so it is easily accessible from Kirkwood Hwy, Rt. 273, Pike Creek, Hockessin, Landenberg, and Maryland!

Camp hours are 9:00 - 2:00PM. Early and Late Pick-up is available during our Summer Camp Program - so your child can enjoy the benefits of camp from 8:00AM until 5:00PM if necessary!

Below is a list of just a few things you and your child can look forward to during their exciting Summer Camp experience:

  • Stretching and Warm-up Exercises to begin the day
  • A morning workout of traditional Shaolin and T'ai Chi stances and form
  • Light break for drinks and snacks - please provide
  • Late morning bag training
  • Lunch break - please provide
  • Video Session
  • Afternoon workout of a traditional Shaolin and T'ai Chi form
  • Breath Control
  • Centering and Calming the energy built up from workouts
  • Martial Art Rules, Regulations, Etiquette, and Respect

Register Now
Space is Limited!


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