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A T'ai Chi Testimonial

by Ken Osborn

Here I am, age 75, and I feel myself opening up like a flower. I feel exhilarated, energized and yet in a state of relaxed wholeness. I have just finished a session of Tai Chi.

When I began my first lessons and practice of Tai Chi, it seemed that what I was gaining was physical: strengthening of the legs. a better sense of balance and bodily coordination. But, also important at my age, there was the mental challenge of learning the detailed requirements of each posture. Over the years there came an increasing sense of accomplishment as the form felt more flowing, relaxed and effortless. And then I occasionally experienced being in a special place while doing the form. My body seemed to be performing on its own; my mind was calm, focused, yet detached and I felt strange sensations of energy moving in my body. Always interested in meditative processes, I become increasingly eager to strengthen and lengthen these experiences.

And so, with the continuing guidance of my teacher, Sifu Diane Cannon, I am eagerly relearning and practicing each posture and focusing on the harmony of my body. I am realizing anew that each nuance of a posture has vital importance in maximizing the benefits. I now see Tai Chi as a continuing, cyclic process of learning and relearning and going deeper and deeper. What a wonderful gift was the T'ai Chi seed planted within me and growing into such an integral part of my being.


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