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Chris Venaccio

Chris Venaccio obtained his Master's Degree at the University of Delaware in 1994. He has been working for JP Morgan Chase & Co. for the past 10 years and currently holds the position as Assistant Vice President of Business Cards.

Chris became interested in practicing a martial art for physical exercise and self-defense. In his search for an art to study, a friend told him about T'ai Chi Ch'uan. "I was not aware that T'ai Chi was a martial art. I thought it was an exercise that older people practiced." stated Chris as his initial idea of T'ai Chi. He began studying T'ai Chi in 1997 and has been studying and practicing the art diligently ever since. Chris continues to be fascinated and exited by the many levels and subtleties of the martial aspects of T'ai Chi.

Chris has discovered that T'ai Chi can be practiced by the old and the young, and that has become one of the things he has come to enjoy about the art and diversity at Ming Tao Studio. He continues to be inspired by Sifu Diane Cannon 's knowledge, passion and sense of fun for T'ai Chi. He experiences these qualities as extremely infectious which translate into a learning environment that continues to attract one to want more.

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