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Chinese New Year 2008

The Chinese New Year Celebration was a huge success! Many people attended to watch the wonderful demonstrations given by the students of Ming Tao T'ai Chi Ch'uan of both locations - Newark and Wilmington, as well as our Sister School in Dover, Rigby's Karate Academy!

Yang Style Traditional
Long Form


San Sei Sword Fencing

Knife Form


Fan Form - A Big Hit!

Fan Form Group

Cane Form

San Shou


Double Knife - Wow!

Application: Neutralize a strike to the head and issue a Push!

Spear Training Demonstration

T'ai Chi Sword!

Following the New Year Demonstration, we all gathered at The Bamboo House in Newark for a fantastic dinner!

A DVD of the complete demonstration, photos, and more will be available soon - so keep checking back for more details on how to get the DVD!

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