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The following regular courses are available at the Ming Tao T’ai Chi Ch’uan Studio:

Yang Family Traditional Long Form
The traditional performance of the sequence of postures and techniques which constitute the basis of the Yang Style of T’ai Chi is practiced for health, self-defense and meditation.

Cheng Man-Ch’ing Short Form
Created by Master Cheng Man-Ch'ing, this form is approximately 1/3 the length of the long form. The Short Form is also practiced for health, self-defense and meditation and, as expected, takes less time to complete than the Long Form.

Two Person Dance (San Shou)
A two-person form using the moves from the Traditional Long Form. The Dance demonstrates and practices the martial arts and self-defense applications of each of the postures by using a variety of training techniques and methods.

Pushing Hands (Tui Shou) Training
A two person practice where the practitioners work together to develop sensitivity and nine joint harmony. Push Hands practitioners train slowly and softly to develop energy and technique.

T'ai Chi Weapons
Saber, Sword, Spear, Cane, Fan, Double Saber, Double Sword, Two Person Saber and Sword. These techniques focus on the use of particular weapons. The training for each weapon has its own benefits in physical skill, mind intent and energy development.

Meditation and Chi Kung
Chi Kung is a breathing exercise and movement practice which supplements and enhances the Taoist meditation techniques which are taught as necessary practices to the Yang Style of T’ai Chi.

Workshops and Retreats
Sifu Diane, visiting teachers and Masters offer these throughout the year featuring focus on particular areas of interest and special instruction.

Pa-Kua Chang
The second of the internal-style martial arts, which focuses on meditation, trains the circular movement to confuse the opponent and emphasizes balance and coordination.

Hsing-Yi Ch'uan
The third of the internal-style martial arts which focuses on meditation, trains straight line power and emphasizes nine joint harmony

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