Ad Memoriam Paul Gallagher

Mr. Paul Gallagher. A light in the dark times. A gentle, loving soul. A teacher, a scholar, a warrior man of God, a philosopher, a student, but most of all... a friend. We would have wonderful conversations about the mysteries of life, the intricacies of martial arts - especially T’ai Chi Ch’uan, the role of the teacher in the art, the medicinal qualities of herbs - especially Chinese herbs!

Paul was so encouraging during the darkest moments of my illness. Walking right beside me (on a spiritual/emotional level) as I took one more step, made it through one more posture, and helped me focus on my accomplishments “in the moment”. See, there was a time when I was able to physically accomplish any movements and forms presented to me, and then suddenly I found myself unable to do much of anything, Comparing my abilities and feelings to how I “used to feel”. Paul was instrumental in shifting my mindset to compare my movements and feelings not to my pre-illness self, but to shift my mindset - to compare how I am doing today to yesterday, to 12 hours ago, and sometimes even one hour ago. "Baby steps" he would say. “Breathe”, he would say. "Do Chi Kung lying down if necessary. Do Chi Kung in your mind if you can’t raise your arms" he would say. The things you know as an instructor of the art, but need a friend to help you remember when at the lowest physical place you have ever been. We spoke often, and soon, I emerged from that difficult, but enlightening, journey. Thank you, Sir.

My visits with him as I healed were so joyful. I loved cooking for him and enjoying his excitement and gratitude when sharing a meal together. Oh the joy it brought him! His laughter and unending grateful heart warmed my soul. As he began to find his health a challenge at times, it was a blessing for me to give back to him. I was able to share some things with him that I found helped me in my journey towards health, and he welcomed them as he found some relief and was uplifted. Bless you, Sir.

Mr. Paul Gallagher will always have a special place in my heart. You are truly missed Sir, never forgotten. I look forward to reuniting with you and sharing more stories and meals together! May your soul, and the souls of the faithfully departed, rest in peace.

-- Ming Mei / Diane Cannon


On March 24th, 2023, my brother, teacher, friend, and mentor, Paul Gallagher, mounted a crane and flew into eternity. I expected it but am still in shock. You see, I’ve known Paul since I was nineteen years old. He was the constant companion for my adult life. He introduced me to amazing people, arts, books, and classical music. The loss is still far away from my heart, yet it is foremost in my mind.

Master Paul Gallagher (2nd from left) with Sifu Ray Hayward (far right) in Master Liang's Basement

Paul and I had a few teachers in common: Master T.T. Liang and Master B.P. Chan to name two. I learned so much from Paul as my teacher of all things Taoist, Tai-Chi, Pa-Kua, meditation, and life. I learned many forms and styles of qigong from him, and my inner life was enriched by the experiences he guided me through. And those of his which he generously shared. He also mentored me in prosperity training, sending me books to read, and later discuss with him. He turned my financial world around and I prosper on so many levels today because of him.

We not only practiced in person in Massachusetts and Vermont, but we also kept a healthy correspondence by letters, cards, and packages through the years. For the last eight years we talked constantly on the phone. I visited him at the Abode of the Monkey King near Asheville many times. Each visit was a delight in reliving the past, talking about the present, and dreaming of the future. We could, and did, talk about everything. No subject was taboo and we shared the deepest, most intimate thoughts with each other. I was spoiled rotten!

To say Paul Gallagher will be missed is an understatement.

To those who knew him, well met and well done! To those who never got the chance, it’s a great loss. He left behind his teachings in his articles and his book, Drawing Silk. And his Senior Students, and beloved Disciple, are still at it, spreading the Tao of Master Paul B. Gallagher, my brother.

-- Shao Di / Ray Hayward